As a lay man, I often used to wonder how certain websites topped Google search engine page list and others languished at the bottom of the result page despite of the fact that the latter had bespoke design and precise content. I was curious to know the science or the logic that was working behind the screens. As I pondered and researched more, I came to know that even if we have the most ideal website having perfect design and enticing content, it still has to reach the audience and without interacting with the audience it is working in isolation. Isn’t!

And who brings that audience to the website and allows it to climb the ladder of search engine page list, it’s no other than Seo.

Seo involves a series of tools and practices with the help of which a website attains a top rank on search engine result page.

According to latest finding

♦    75 % of users never scroll past first page.

♦    8.5% of all the traffic on web make it past first page.

♦    80% of users online prefer organic search (i.e. Seo).

So if you want to increase visibility of your website in the virtual world, availing the Seo service has become mandatory.

The visibility of your website in the virtual world is very imperative for the business. The more a website is visible to the online user the higher traffic will come to the website.

Seo uses a wide variety of tools to bring traffic to your website and makes it interactive.

To make sure a website does not looks like a drop in the ocean but a pearl in the sea, a digital marketing analyst is assigned the job to employ all the Seo tools that are available at its disposal. A digital marketing analyst conducts a website audit, detects problems a website is currently facing and accordingly formulates a strategy that is custom designed for a particular website and executes it.

The strategy may include the role of the content writer who is assigned to write fresh, appealing enticing and more importantly Seo friendly content but is it enough.

Not really. Creative content may not be enough as the content may be creative and appealing but not grabbing the eyeballs. To attract maximum audience in-depth keyword research is done and accordingly, content is inserted into the website.

Also, there are numbers of issues that might be hampering search engine ability to crawl, interpret, and index the pages of a website like Bad URL scheme, unstable site architecture, and duplicate content. These issues need to be fixed so that whenever a query related to your business is typed in Google your website comes on top the search engine page list.