Five things you must consider while designing a website

The advancement of internet has brought a paradigm shift as a whole almost covering every industry. The market is no longer a physical rigid place where buyers & sellers meet but a virtual space without any demographic, geographic distinctions. The physical place that has been replaced by virtual space needs a well decorated and designed shop (i.e. website) so that more and more customers are attracted and converted into buyers. In order to create a happening website that engages & starts a conversation with the clients, you need to consider following things;

♦ Domain name & Hosting

Selection of a domain name can be very laborious for companies who are conscious of their brand image and repercussions that a bad domain name might bring, so due care must be taken while selecting one. In order to be effective, a domain name should be short, easy to remember & represent brand voice with precision. Also, the domain name should be SEO friendly because visibility of your website in the virtual world is very imperative for your business. The more you are visible to the online user the higher traffic will come to your website.

                                         If the domain name is the address of the house, hosting is the space available in that house where you will keep your furniture (data in case of website).Web hosting companies have numbers of plans that cater the needs of small to big organizations. While choosing yours, certain questions need to be asked.

  • Speed & security of a server that will be hosting your website?
  • How much traffic will be coming to the website?
  • Type of content website will be having (videos, images etc.)?
  • Do they have responsive or reactive customer support?
  • Are third party reviews on social media in favor of the hosting company?


♦ Content management system

While you have got the addresses of the house (domain name) and the space available but you are not sure how frequently to add the furniture (data) to the website and at first place does the requirement for CMS exists. All you need to know is whether the website is static or dynamic.

                                      If you are creating an informational website about a company that usually won’t get updated over a period of time, you probably don’t require a CMS but for dynamic websites like, News portals etc. you have to create a user friendly customized CMS which enables end user to update their respective websites with ease .for instance magento an ecommerce dynamic website building engine has inbuilt CMS for content management.

♦ Clean design

Nobody is denying the fact that high-quality graphics play their part in retaining the client on the website for a longer duration but displaying too much flashy graphic may distract the client from main message i.e. a buying a product or subscribing to a service. Customers visit the website to the check the content which is the king maker in the virtual world and through graphics content is presented in a better way. A clean design should not only infuse trust into the visitor but leave a positive image of your brand.

♦ Functionality

Well. The trick has worked for you! Yes, you heard it right. Impressed with inimitable content and creative graphics customer on your website customer is ready to buy your product or subscribe to a service but when he attempts to purchase that product  or make final submission something goes wrong which irritates the client  exiting the site with bad image & never comes back . Make sure every button on the website from product view to payment integration is working well. Ensure the functionality of feedback form as we subscription form.

♦ Agile

The future of mobile is the future of online and this is not a myth but reality as mobile phone devices have literally dominated the traffic over internet occupying center stage in our lives. So, if you have the business that is in search of virtual customers, then mobile users need to be tapped and best the way to tap them is through a responsive website. Responsive designs are becoming the talk of the town and why not! Our responsive designs will allow your customers easily shift from laptop to mobile without shelling extra bucks on mobile apps development.

 ♦ Calls to action

A good website not only engages the clients but prompt them for further action. By displaying direct chat box or flashing contact us icon or subscription to email, you are making an attempt to remain connected with the client or prospective clients thereby signifying the dynamic nature of the website which is considered very important.